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We Are

About questions, not answers

Life is full of Mystery. We don’t have it all figured out, and we never will. That’s why we are here – to dialogue and discover together.

Made and moved by story

– Each of us has a collection of stories that shape how we interact in the world. We create space to hear one another’s stories so barriers come down and new stories of connection emerge.

Always in process

We show up for one another. We are intentional about cultivating a space for personal growth to better meet the needs of our community. We collaborate. We create.

Committed to compassion

We are all intertwined. The health and wholeness of one is tied to the health and wholeness of another. We center our lives around love and compassion – for ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and the earth.


Check out an upcoming gatherings: In Bloom & Vinyl Church


In bloom 1

See you at East Side Neighborhood Services on Sunday, June 18th from 10-11:30am for our first Sunday of “In Bloom.” We’ll introduce the idea of what it means to be fully “in bloom”, or present to all that is flourishing around us – both in our lives and in our community.

There’s a hum, an energy, a buzz in the air. Life is in full bloom. Are you present to it? Are you giving yourself space to slow down in the fast pace that summer usually sweeps us up in? Are you affirming all of the goodness that surrounds you? How can we learn to be in the moment during these summer months that tend to fly by?

Through our #powerintogether. 🙂

vinyl church 6-28 cover

Join us for “Vinyl Church”, fostering community through the power of music. This is part open mic, open spin, and open story-telling. The idea is for folks to either bring a record from home or pick one off the shelves at Flashlight Vinyl, spin a song, and tell a story about how this song/artist/record has had an impact on your life.

This is also an open mic for musicians to share original work and have the space to talk about their writing experience, process, and inspiration behind a song.

Lastly, Raoul Benavides, owner of Flashlight Vinyl, will be spinning some records to close the night out!

This is a free, kid friendly event. Any and all are welcome!

Got a song and story you want to share?

Contact Email us at info@intertwinene.org

Meet Me at the River

“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


Two communities in North/Northeast Minneapolis, H-Cubed and Intertwine Northeast, are writing a new story. We say the Mississippi River that runs between us is a connecting place, not a barrier. Through music, spoken word, art, storytelling, and dialogue, we create a safe/brave space for deconstructing the barriers of racism and privilege that keep us from real relationship.

Up next: MMATR Potluck – because we should eat food together…


Glenwood House


February 22nd, 2017



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to believe to belong?

Spiritual but not religious? Sweet.

Agnostic? Atheist? Awesome.

Buddhist? Booyah.

Church of the Latter-Day Dude? We can abide with that.

You get the point, right? You don’t have to identify as Christian to belong. No creeds. No requirements for membership. In fact, we don’t have membership.

It’s our shared humanity that intertwines us (see what we did there?).

Don’t check your brain at the door. Bring your experiences and insights. Bring your questions. Bring your full self. And if you’re not feeling like a full self right now, we hope Intertwine can help you get a little closer.

Is This a Church?

Church is one of those words that carries a lot of baggage with it (check out this post on Mondegreens).  For some, church = pain and trauma. For others, church = love and belonging.

Is Intertwine Northeast a church? That depends on what “church” means to you. We most definitely are a community. We are a community that is shaped and informed by the wisdom of a 3,000+ year old Judeo-Christian tradition, not in a limiting, exclusive, or closed-off way, but in a way that opens us up and informs us in our questioning, dialoging, and meaning-making.

Church at its best is community. It’s caring for people who are suffering. It’s growing in our capacity for healthy relationships with others, with money, and with the rest of the earth. It’s practicing forgiveness and gratitude. It’s wondering at the mystery that is life (and death).

If that is what church means, then yes…

So, just how Jesus-y is this thing?

First of all, Jesus wasn’t a viking raider (see above photo). Second, ya know, some days, Jesus of Nazareth gets a pretty bad rap. It’s a tragedy how some folks took the stories of Jesus and used them to justify genocide, slavery, the oppression of women and the LGBTQ community, and the list goes on. But just because some power-hungry people would co-opt the story of this first-century Jewish guy for their own agenda doesn’t mean we throw out the manger-baby with the bathwater.

Jesus, this working-class mystic from the sticks, influenced 2000+ years of human history.

He was a radical. A disruptor. A free-thinker.

He was a contemplative. A Bohemian of sorts. A philosopher. A teacher. A healer.

Historically, people have spent a lot of time focusing on his birth and death – these miracle stories about a virgin birth (really?) and rising from the dead (a friendly zombie-pocalypse?). Not to explain away mystery, but what if the real miracle is found in how he lived his life. He showed love to people whom the dominant culture had discarded. He defaulted to forgiveness. He spoke truth to power through non-violence. He helped people re/member their shared humanity by simply sharing stories over some food and wine.

Jesus presents to the world a way of being that is grounded in love and wholeness for all. The real miracle happens when we discover how to live that way together.

Is this a bait and switch?

Newsflash, the earth wasn’t created in 7 days. And no, we’re not here to proof-text you into believing that doctors are the devil.

We occasionally serve Kool-Aid, but not that kind of Kool-Aid.

This isn’t about manipulation.  This isn’t about conformity. It’s not about rules. This is about wrestling with the mysteries of life.  This is about finding ways to live well with ourselves and with others.

All we can say is check us out. Bring your skepticism. Bring your insights (wherever they come from). Bring your story.

I’ll be who I am, and you be who you are. You get to decide if this community is right for you. If it feels right, we hope you find yourself intertwined deeper and deeper into a community that is intentionally and creatively responding to the needs and joy of each moment.

What can I expect when I check out a gathering?

Welcome. Casual. Storytelling. Music (sorry, we do follow a strict no Van Halen rule). Art. Mindfulness. Meditation.

Expect to hear stories about people processing the mystery that many of us call God. Expect to hear stories about Jesus. And expect these stories to be in dialogue with the stories of our lives, with popular culture, with sciences and psychology, and with other traditions.

No shame. Expect to be heard. Expect to be stretched. Expect to learn about things like dismantling racism and developing healthy relationships with money.

Community. People who are trying to be honest, healthy, and whole human beings and are supporting one another in the process.

Hospitality. And yes, the coffee is fair trade, and it’s delicious.

Do LGBTQ people belong?

In the spirit of telling stories authentically, we recognize and name out right that the church has a historically oppressive one with the LGBTQ community. While some in the LGBTQ community have stories of hope, joy, and love associated with church/God/Jesus/etc., many have stories of pain, hurt, and heartache.

We know this. We embrace this as true. We are here to write a new story about a community that works towards a world where everyone in the LGBTQ community feels affirmed in all walks of life. This community not only welcomes and accepts people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, but affirms and celebrates the stories they bring.

Do people of color belong?

Native/Indigenous lives matter. Black lives matter.

The idea that “all lives matter” is nice, but this is not a reality reflected in our collective actions. The last 400 years of America’s history are scarred by systemic injustice towards native peoples and people of color. That injustice, though it may at times take less visible forms, is still a reality today. Many, and particularly “white” Americans, continue to experience privilege at the expense of others. This is a problem that requires action.

Intertwine is a community where people are supported to be anti-racists.

This is difficult and often uncomfortable work, and that’s why we work at it together. The world is a better place because of our diverse stories and cultures. We make space for that diversity, and we honor it.

For more, check out this blog posts: “Jumping of the ski-lift of white privilege: Remembering my/our humanity

What about kids?

They’re awesome.

Yes, kids belong. Kids intertwine just as their adults intertwine.

As a community, we’re committed to creating an environment for kids to learn and teach and grow. Sunday gatherings, we’re often all-together. Other times, we create separate age-appropriate experiences for young people that allow them to engage more deeply in the work/learning the larger community is engaged in.

We also support our kids’ adults – empowering one another to live in our children’s questions, to celebrate their stories, and to grow their and our capacity for compassion.

Are you tied to organizations or other institutions?

Intertwine Northeast is the first of a growing network of communities tied to Jacob’s Well Minneapolis, a community in South Minneapolis that describes itself as “a church for people who don’t like church.”

Nativity Lutheran, in Saint Anthony, is a significant part of our birth story, sharing staff and financial resources with us in these earliest stages of life.

Intertwine Northeast is also a community tied to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) and the Minneapolis Area Synod.

We’re grateful for these partnerships, and the many other communities and individuals who are supporting us in this meaningful work!

Blog : Dirt from Dirt

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We get to experiment and explore what a spiritual community or church on the edges can look like. People are experiencing Intertwine gatherings like Vinyl Church, Meet Me at the River, and Intertwine-a-logues, and they’re finding meaning and connection. Your support allows us to create these spaces!

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